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you are here reading this = you already know who we are

Let us give you an intro anyway…

Valentino Bianchi studio is the most exclusive global design and creative studio. We specialise in providing a selected and exclusive customer base with the most innovative and creative design elements to support their design needs.  

From world-famous celebs to political figures to food wrappings to designer wear, we have covered under our portfolio.

We hate to brag! 

Our designers and creators are well-decorated with flying colours at various design competitions. Nah! enough bragging, just have a look at a few awards we have won. 

Let’s diverge into our speciality… 

1. Every project is very special for us. We sit down on the beach and stare at the sunset to clear our heads before we dissect and divulge your project. 

All this to create the best ever high-quality concept and design for you. 

Whether its a product design or a simple logo design, it doesn’t matter. We would repeat the same process.

2. As you expected, we exert the majority of our time figuring out the best unique designs and creations for you. Because for us, being exclusive always rhymes with being unique

We scrap paper after paper, erase board after board and wallah a unique design is born… yes, just for you.

Take a look at the award-winning design, Elephant shape inspired bentwood liquid dispenser. I mean, have you seen it anywhere else?

3. Not only rockets but the creation and design need innovation too. If not, Lorenzo de Medici et al. wouldn’t have worked so much on the renaissance, would they?

Anyhow, we intend to take innovation to a next level. I mean, who wants to lag behind the competitor because their designers were lethargic as Neanderthals?

4. Last but not least, absolute adaptivity of the concept. What sort of jargon is this?

Well, a design can be unique innovative and creative, but, it should also be feasible and adaptable to your segment.

Take a look at the doodle design we designed as a colour-in activity on the packaging of a kid’s brand.

OK!, before we move on… 

Being the prestigious you, are you willing to donate a few of your riches to the underprivileged?

Did you know, that you can adopt a cute elephant in Sri Lanka? Yep, a real, breathing majestical being?

Click on the elephant to donate directly 

Or, would you like to support rural kids who are suffering without access to education due to the current economic crisis in SL?

Fund them via helpschools.lk organization directly 

Let’s see what we can do for you…

Well, we offer a wide range of services being the most exclusive and innovative design studio.

You should by now already know what you want us to do. But, we invite you to check on the other services, anyways…


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