Let’s Build a Website

Don’t know about other designers, but a website design for us is an E X P E R I E N C E. 

Now, an experience can be very perceptual, right? The same experience can’t be substituted for all our clients. I mean of course, if we are a mass-production factory of websites, that’s what we would opt to. But you’re not here for that are you?

We want your website to stand out from the rest—a unique experience for your clients or viewers. 

“It all starts with the design”

Do you have a rough idea of how your website should look like?  Or would you like us to design from scratch?

Either way, let me introduce you to what exactly a website is… 

The design of a website can be

Be Simple!!!

A simple website doesn’t necessarily mean it’s boring. “Simple” and “Basic” are not synonyms in our language. For a website to be simple, the layout or wireframe and content are arranged in a calmer manner.

Take this website as an example. Content and layout are not jumping at you, are they? Still, the message is conveyed and the customer is attracted.

There is no fixed rule for the integration of this simplicity. A Hollywood artist’s page can also be simple and interesting. 

That’s exactly where our designers are experts. We would suggest to you whether your requirement is best suited to a simple concept.

Be Complex!!!

A rule of thumb is “complex website designs shouldn’t be confusing”. I’m sure you would have come across plenty of websites with a plethora of content jumping at you and you wonder what to do next.

So, that’s a complex website wireframe and content gone wrong. 

Yes, a complex layout is going to include a lot of elements which would move around, be lifted, additional content etc. But, the designer should be skilled enough to cope with an explicit amount of content in the layout.

That’s where exactly our designers’ skill comes into play. A simple layout like a portfolio can be designed in a more complex way. I mean, if you want to catch a bug, you need to light a bulb right?

Let me key you in on a secret!

A brilliant website means only  3  things!!!

1. The ultra-most, premium quality, best-ever, graphics. Huh! ran out of words there.

Yep, a key ingredient for a website to look amazing is its graphic content. So make sure to get the best quality photos.

I mean, don’t you want yourself or the products to look good?

Don’t worry though, we will try our best to work around the graphics you would share with us. Let us know if you want to arrange a brilliant photographer to take the best shots too.

2. The Layout is the key to the heart. Let’s say you’re a reflection of simplicity and an architect builds the gaudiest house for you. Would you live in it?

A website layout is the same, a reflection of your brand. The brand should feel comfortable in the layout so your customer perceives the message well.

Our experienced designers would customize the perfect layout for your brand to fit all your content in a best-perceived way to your customer. BTW, we hate templates!

3. The look reflects how you feel about your brand. The fonts, colours and themes play a big role when it comes to looks. A little thing as the font alignment has an immaculate impact on how a customer perceives your brand.

Would you wear the same makeup to a ballroom dance and a techno concert? Hope not.

Being a design studio, not an IT firm, we can’t afford to be subpar in this. You expect the best and we deliver better than the best. Yep, you already know this.

Would you like to see this page with a different feeling?

Since we discussed the two giant steps, the design, in the website development process at a cruising pace, let’s see our…

End to End support!

1. Content writing

Whether it’s American English or British English, it doesn’t matter. We have a team of profoundly qualified content writers to get the content done for your website. 

Of course! you’re free to share your own content with us as well.

2. SEO (search engine optimization)

Is this website SEOed? Nope, we don’t rely on Google to find us the business as we are an exclusive studio. Sorry, Google!

But your market-oriented product website definitely might need SEO. Not to worry, our technical team is qualified to get it done for you. I mean, can’t spoil them all the time right?

3. Server and domain support

Nope, don’t bother to sign-up for GoDaddy and start buying domains and hosting plans. If you are, please use our promo code to get a discount from them.

But, please sit down and relax. Let us do the total job for you.

If you have gone the extra mile to help us and purchased already, thank you, share the details with us.

4. Custom development

Do we use custom HTML and CSS? Yes, we do. How can we be this amazing in design otherwise? 

Do we code? Yes, sometimes you will ask us to go to mars and back. We will do so with custom coding. Hey! Elon. 

5. After-sales support

You very well know that we won’t disappear. We can’t humanly be the most exclusive design brand if we were. 

Your contact point being our CEO, not some random call centre guy, is the ultimate assurance we can give on our aftersales support.

All righty, See you in another chapter!

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