We Are Valentino Bianchi – A creative studio focused on delivering furniture masterpieces that simplify routines, elevate the experience, and engage and inspire our customers. 

Each masterpiece is handmade using a traditional woodbending method with utmost precision and care by expert craftsmen, making them aesthetically unique. 

With the power of contemporary design, Valentino Bianchi aspires to bring you something beautiful. 

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Being a Fusion Studio we can't afford to sleep on our feet. We continuously update and innovate our concepts to bring you the best fusions ever.


Fusions doesn't happen if the chemistry is wrong. Our design analysts work tirelessly to be updated with newest trends to bring you the best of the best.


We understand that you need a unique solution. Our dedicated design staff will make sure to design yours in an alien language.


Our skilled production team is dedicated to supplying your requirements in an efficient yet responsible manner.

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    Design Office Expat Hub, Calle Pintor Zarinena 5/ bajo 3, Unit #126, 46003 Valencia

    Factory No 5, Kaduruenda Road, Kumbuka, Horana, Sri Lanka

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    • Phone: ( +94 ) 77 676 6665
    • E-mail: sales@trees.asia